Privacy Policy

Our commitment:

  1. We never share your profile information with, or sell it to other companies or organizations.
  2. We do not collect any information from you without your knowledge.

Personal Information

A number of forms exist on our site (such as an order form) that ask you for personal information. The following list explains why we require this data:

  1. We need a name and a billing/shipping address so we can send your purchase statement and purchase to the address of your choice.
  2. We require your email address so we can communicate with you regarding any questions or concerns about your order.
  3. We request a phone number as a means of contacting you in case your e-mail address is misspelled in the order information.
  4. We respect your privacy and only request information necessary for providing great customer service. If we are missing any order information, we cannot serve you as efficiently as preferred.

We receive your personal data through a secure, encrypted area which cannot be reached by outsiders. Your information is stored in a protected database that only our company can access.

Security Policy

All onsite transactions are securely encrypted. We store your credit card information in our secure database during the pre-order phase only. Once your pre-order is processed we will charge your credit card and remove your credit card information from our database permanently.

By pre-ordering VICTORY FOR MSU: A 120 YEAR HISTORY OF SPARTAN MEN’S BASKETBALL, you are authorizing Ruckus Books to automatically charge your account when the order ships. Please note an email announcement will be sent approximately one week prior to shipment, notifying you of the date your account will be charged. You may cancel your pre-order any time before the order ships.


We use cookies for the following reasons:

  1. Keep track of your user preferences
  2. Analyze user traffic on our site in order to provide a superior user experience